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Bigg Boss 13 2nd Promo Video

After a Bigg Boss 12 which was boring and not too entertaining for audiences, Bigg Boss 13 comes with a lot of twists and dhamaka. Fans are really excited for Bigg Boss 13.

In this season Bigg Boss came with a lot of changes including location, contestants and theme. Salman Khan hosting the Bigg Boss from last seven years. In the Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan will host again in the Bigg Boss. Fans also want to see Salman Khan as a host. The popularity of the Bigg Boss is due to its host Salman Khan. The Bigg Boss 12 was not high TRP rated that’s why the team and director of the Bigg Boss make some changes in Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss 13 Promo 2 Video

After the first promo of the Bigg Boss 13 All Episodes , in which Salman Khan reveals some changes of Bigg Boss 13. Colors TV released the second promo of the Bigg Boss 13, in which we can see the Salman Khan, Surbhi Jyoti and Karan Wahi in the gym. In this promo, Salman Khan is flirting with Surbhi Jyoti and gifted her a bouquet. Karan Wahi is a boyfriend of Surbhi Jyoti in a trailer and he snatches the bouquet from Surbhi Jyoti. Then they start a fight between each other because Surbhi Jyoti likes Salman charm.

In this promo, Salman Khan reveals that only contestants will participate in Bigg Boss 13 as a Jodi. The show will reach its finale in 3 months and one who will win, get the trophy. The celebrities will face punishment, different tasks and challenges and advice from Bigg Boss as last seasons.

The audiences much wait for this season because this season the Bigg Boss comes with a different task and challenges. They also shifted the house of the Bigg Boss from Lonavo to Mumbai film city.

“High-speed dhamaka and celebrities ke glamour ka tadka! sb ho ga is season me”

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